Making a trolley

This morning I strolled out to the garage to start making my trolley, I have
to first put the mag back onto a recently acquired Lister D that's in the
way. I fit the mag having done a minor repair to it and think a bit of
petrol to see it run.
I fill up the tank and then crank away and nothing happens so strip the carb
because the plug is dry, I find the Sahara desert inside and whilst cleaning
it I damage the thread for the pipe connection so obtain another float
chamber body and find that the fibre washers are duff.
A quick trip to a mates for washers and a chat and a cup of tea and finally
I have the D running.
I now want to get my power saw up and running so pull it out and fill the
space with the D, the saw needs its motor refitting as the shaft and pulley
were bent but now repaired, got it cheap at Burford rally a couple of years
ago knowing it needed work, I test the motor first on the bench and it works
well and without detaching the cable I fit the motor and switch on, nothing
happens so check wiring and all is ok so remove motor and put on bench. I
switch on and it works, maybe I have a damaged cable so test and find all ok
and refit motor. Doesn't work again so I take it out again and put it on the
bench and it works.
As I am about to shot put the motor down the drive my wife calls me in for a
late lunch so I lock up.
Never did start making my trolley and as for the motor there is always
Martin P
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A familiar tale! I intended to start Putting the Cyclemaster back together today - but after finding the bench and making sufficient space on it, there was just about enough time left to fit the piston rings, which turned out to be the wrong size. So basically nothing at all was achieved :-(
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Nick H
Was beginning to think it was only us who it happened to. By the time we (I)'ve unlocked all the padlocks on the doors and shifted the engines outside, in order to reach the workbench - bearing in mind that I 'park' them all so tightly and neatly to fit them all inside in the first place - and then found that the spanner I'm looking for is in the 'Emergency Toolbox for Rallies', on the other side of the garage, clomped my legs on the numerous crankshafts whilst clambering over to the other side of the garage, and back again - it's either a) starting to rain, with all the engines sitting outside b) starting to get dark or c) time to start preparing dinner. Or the phone in husband's jacket pocket will ring = more clambering and delving into pocket. Then everything has to be done in reverse, only quicker. Fighting a losing battle? Yep, I think so at times.
Fran Drake (honorary 'Gentleman'????)
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Mark Drake

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