Another Clear-Out

Loads of old iron. Various trolley's (carts) for sale. A horse (or two). Is it called Hercules? Do I hear the Steptoe theme tune? The only question is which one is Peter?

Sorry Peter, the temptation was too great. I suppose the fact that I can remember the series ages me. Good luck with the clear out.


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John Manders
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With space at the farm starting to run out as well as at the house/workshop AND the factory, drastic action will have to be taken to clear out room for the various lumps of hardware that are enjoying undercover protection at our expense.

So, we are going to have another rake-out of the storage areas and put what is least wanted on ebay or offer it here first, whichever seems appropriate.

We have a shaft-drive magneto type 1932 Lister D for example which is repainted but needs reassembly, includes new gaskets etc., plus a load of other stuff like a nearly new petter AV1 that we bought in Spain, a Lister VA, also bought in Espana, complete and probably working but we haven't had time to play with it, I think we still have a CE or two to go, plus a Mawdsley/Lister CD 110V genset and more.

There are also a lot of non-engine parts, like a nearly new hydraulic cylinder with pins, two new seal kits and a secondhand but working tail-lift 12V pump which we were going to use for a crane on the trailer. Rating of the ram is

5000lbs IIRC, but I can check on that. It came by way of payment from one of our access-platform company customers.

I think we have a spare Lister switchboard for an old set which is laying in the racks somewhere, plus a lot of 5/1 radiators and cylindrical fuel tanks which are not really going anywhere.

I'll have to have a rake out during the week and see what else we have.


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Peter A Forbes

what sort of switchboard is it? I may be able to use it on my Climax set, also if you have a small tank (two gallon) I may be interested.


Andy G

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Andy G

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