You guys and gals are the best!

I ask a question and I get so many great responces... I've even been able to give a few answers. There sure is a lot of crap on the internet but you folks in metalworking , woodturning and woodworking make the internet more than worth it. It'll be a sad day if this open exchange of idea and information is stopped.

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Damned if i know
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Who could stop it? The whole purpose of developing the internet to begin with was to decentralize the information infrastructure in case something really bad happens (see Ghostbusters for definition of "bad").


It'll be a sad day if this open exchange of idea and

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Joe Tylicki

So THAT'S what AL Gore had in mind when he invented the internet! (ha-ha)

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Mark L.

The Internet - Worlds only working anarchy. All other attempts pale in comparison.

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Jim Vrzal

Joe Tylicki wrote:

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You would have thought that good ol' Al would have made enough money from inventing the internet that he could retire from this politics thing.

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Um, I was under the impression he did retire.


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Works for Apple Computer (Board), last I heard. Guess he's putting that networking experience to good use.

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