about precise cutting on stainless tubing

Hi, all
I 'd like to know who does precise cutting like 0.040 thickness from
3" OD {A} x 2.870" ID {B} x .065" {C} Wall Tube 304 Stainless Steel,
Annealed with reasonable cost.
I got quote(300 pieces) from one company they charge $10 each.That is
too much while 12" pieces are that price right?
I need it about 300 pieces of that size.Or if you know ready made that
king ring similar size...
I'd be very appreciated if anybody has any suggestion.
Thanks in advance.
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More info is needed: 1) tolerance is everything, what is your tolerance on the .040 dimension for thickness and variation. 2) what kind of surface finish do you need 3) seamless, or welded tube, my quick price check says that welded is $25 per foot and seamless $ in small quantities 4) do you want it cut from annealed tube or annealed after cutting, stainless tends to work harden when cut.
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And ... what is your tolerance on length. What do you mean by "precise"? Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
Thank you Carl. 1)....I do no know maybe its 0.020? since 0.040 is already 1 mm so, anyway, ideally I 'd like to get 0.040 or 0.050" of stainless ring. 2).....shinny finish. 3).....it does not matter, all I need is those size parts. 4).....I just thought annealed is for process of cutting, so it does not have to be annealed after if someone cutting for me.
Thanks again.
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