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Just received these in my email. May be of interest to other in this group, when we get through with the [US] political discussions.

========= Tech article on toolholder runout

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5C "collet" blanks for fixturing of hard to hold parts. Will also work in a mill with a 5C collet vise.
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on Lathes with 5C spindles ? for turning or boring odd shaped parts that cannot go into a collet. Useful for turning any off-center holes, or odd shapes. Machinable soft face allows you to mill the fixture mount to accept the work piece, then drill and tap holes to clamp the part onto the fixture mount.

Boring off-center holes is the perfect application.

================= "Universal" R8 drawbar

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Manufactured Products Group's Universal Draw Bar was developed by their engineering staff in response to requests from many customers who were unable to find Drawbars to fit their machines.

Both the Hex or wrench end, and the threaded end were designed with enough adjustments to fit almost any machine in use today!

The Universal Drawbar is provided with a variety of spacers which allows the user to adjust the shaft length (measured from under the spacer to the end of the threaded shaft) from a maximum length of 20", down to 17-1/4". Sufficient spacers are included to allow shaft length adjustments by one quarter inch increments.


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Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), U.S. president. Letter, 17 March 1814.

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