Just sold my Soma Cube! (actual metal content) :-)

I carved this out of some scrap some years ago on the company mill:
formatting link

Each of the small cubes is 0.750 +0 -0.005. :-)
It's been sitting on my desk for years - yesterday one of the new guys in
the shop came into my office and expressed some interest in it. I casually
said, "I'm thinking of seeing if I could get anything for it on Ebay."
The guy offered me $20.00, and being out of money until payday, I
immediately said, "SOLD!" so I ate that evening. ;-)
Nothing earth-shattering, but I thought some might be interested to see
it; most importantly, having posted some metal content that I've done with
my own hands (on the shop's end mill), I now feel less like some kind of
intruder. ;-)
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Rich Grise
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Rich Grise fired this volley in news: snipped-for-privacy@example.net:
Nice, Rich. Peit Hein is one of the heros of my youth.
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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
Sniff... mine is merely plastic, hollow too. Might even be able to find it in my room somewhere with a super-duper power shovel :)
Your's is way cooler, or maybe should say was. Did you get any visitation rights?
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Leon Fisk
Ah the memories.
I built several of these in Jr. High wood shop.
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Roger Shoaf
I didn't ask, but probably - the guy's a prett friendly guy. The first thing he did was make an aluminum stand for it like the one that came with those red and blue plastic ones.
I'll keep my eye out for some scrap and make another, if I ever get a chance.
Cheers! Rich
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Rich Grise
You are a very skilled machinst, and a good photographer. Very well done.
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Stormin Mormon
Thanks - I'll try not to dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back. ;-D
BTW, I had a _real_ machinist coaching me - I was _astonished_ how fast it's possible to hog out aluminum! ;-)
Cheers! Rich
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Rich Grise

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