Slightly OT but may be of interest - Help shape the modelling future

Slightly off topic for British Railways, but it may be relevant to those who model more than one scale or continent!

Help shape the modelling future

A major manufacturer (name withheld by request) has asked the NMRA British Region to help decide what models they will manufacture in the future.

They are trying "... to work out if there are any gaps in the American market which might be filled with a new model. The item needs to be popular with modellers, hand a reasonable lifespan and ideally appeared in several liveries".

Now it's over to you. What is on your 'wish list' which is not currently being manufactured. You need state:

Steam/diesel/electric Loco type: something about the original liveries you'd like to see etc.

Remember that, for a commercial organisation to spend time and money this has to have a reasonable chance of selling in some numbers.

Answers to me please as soon as possible. I have been promised that NMRA members will be given first notice if and when any new models are produced.

Please send e-mail messages to

You may also share this message with any other persons you think would provide useful information. The main consideration is that all replies must come via the NMRA British Region.

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Mike Hughes
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Surely this is way off topic and against this group's charter?

What modelers of the American railway scene want by way of locos just does not have any relevance here.


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Paul Stevenson

Some people model both.

Even before I emigrated to the US I had an interest in 19th century American 4-4-0s inspired by Buster Keaton and The General, as well as the Virginia & Truckee stuff used in Hollywood westerns.

But the only things available in the UK were the Airfix stuff which I think was actually Bachmann and not very good, and the Rivarossi which wasn't much better.

So guess what I would like to see?

A decent Reno in wood, oil and oil burning states. This was a standard off the shelf Baldwin design used my both major railroads and short lines.

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Christopher A. Lee

In message , Christopher A. Lee writes

Thank you for making that point for me. It's why I put the OT bit in the heading.

For what it's worth the same manufacturer *may* decide to ask the same question about British outline stuff (but that would be some time off so please don't make any suggestions yet) which is why I posted to this group.

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Mike Hughes

Unless they want Repton, Flying Scotsman, Royal Scot (sort of)...

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Arthur Figgis


The Charter says, inter alia:

"Content should be relevant to the UK, for example: UK model manufacturers and suppliers Collecting models either made in the UK or of UK prototypes."

If it is intended that these models should be made or sold in the UK to UK modellers, than they would appear to be on-topic.

My best guess, speaking as a UK modeller recently moved to Tennessee, would be the USRA classes, at least those not covered elsewhere. But I'd like an N&W M class 4-8-0 for my Abingdon branch (the Virginia Creeper, as photographed by O Winston Link)...


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Tim Illingworth

I know both Walthers and Athearn have made them in the past but how about an RDC. Preferably a Zephyrette. With DCC and sound please.

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Graham Harrison

The Midland Railway bought a great number of US designed and manufactured steam locos (Baldwin) none of which are ever likely to be modelled by our domestic suppliers.


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As did the Great Central and Great Northern.

There were two suppliers, Baldwin and Schenectady.

Great Northern - Baldwin Midland - Baldwin and Schenectady. Great Central - Baldwin

They were standard small export models (ie older designs that were obsolete in the USA), with the addition of British buffers and couplings so there would be scope for sales elewhere.

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Christopher A. Lee

How about a USA Tank, in 4mm scale?


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In message , Christopher A. Lee writes

The Port Talbot Railway and Docks had two 0-8-2Ts from the Cooke locomotive works of Paterson, NJ in 1899. They were fitted with Swindon taper boilers in 1908.

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Jane Sullivan

In message , kim writes

The manufacturer *may* well be interested in making such a model.

As I stated when I put the original message out, US modelling per se may be OT but I can assure you there may well be a crossover of model needs. All may become apparent if and when I am allowed to tell you who the manufacturer is! (It may take a year or more so you will have to be patient I'm afraid)

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Mike Hughes

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