Brilliant Baseboards

Has anyone here used Brilliant Baseboards? I've seen them at exhibitions and been impressed.

I have a specific question regarding them. I've tried e-mailing Ray but it looks like he is on vacation because I'm not getting a reply. I'm planning a shelf layout where the main shelf width will be 30cm but there will be pinch points down to 22cm. Provided I can reduce the width of the BB to

30cm (and I would hope that is possible with a saw (and "wasting money" by having to buy more than I strictly need for the square footage) but can I get down to 22cm or will I need to engineer my own solution for those small sections?
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I can't help you directly with your problem but it may interest you to know that NMRA British Region members get a 10% discount from Brilliant Baseboards.

I'd also like to remind you that although the majority of the members model American *anyone* with *any* scale*, modelling *anywhere* can join and reap the benefits.

Have a look at the newly updated web site at

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then click on member discounts to see more details. These discounts alone could same you far more than the cost of the annual membership (currently 23 GBP). The discounts may also apply to 'non-American' items and most 'general' modelling items such as scenic materials - but you have to be an NMRA member to qualify

Just one NMRA British Region benefit

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Mike Hughes

:-) I'm already a member, but thanks for the reminder!

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