Premade Baseboards

Evening all.

I have just been looking at some spare baseboards I have for my new layout. I've decided that I need to either make or buy some more.

I have very limited skills in woodwork and the last time I made boards it took a me ages to get them built and I have never been happy with their wobble!

Anyway, the nwe layout I need two baseboards, both 4 ft x 1 ft, to fit end to end to make 8ftx1ft.

I have had a look at Scalerail and can get them from there for £70 quid. Ok, its £70 but I get them in 21 days and they will fit together perfectly...I could make my own, it will take me longer than 21 days, they will probably wobble, not be square and I will spend all my time wishing I had bought them!

Anyway, before I order from ScaleRail, does anyone know anywhere else (online hopefully) that makes baseboards? Or does anyone want to make me some for less than £70...

Ta Paul

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