hi a newbie here with a question about baseboard suppliers. has anybody used

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for there baseboard whats the delivery like it says within 21 days on the site just wondered if it was quicker.

cheers paul

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Actually, it says "delivery within 21 days often quicker"

Why don't you want to make your own baseboards? The model railway hobby encompasses a lot of disciplines, and making baseboards is one of them. It's not difficult, I should know because I've made rather a lot for my garden railway! Another thing is it's cheaper if you make your own, giving you more money to spend on trains, keeping the wife sweet, etc.

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John Sullivan


I ordered some baseboards from them and they are excellent. If you email them directly with you needs they can suggest useful options, such as surface and leg heights.

I ordered 8 boards to make a 12 foot by 15 foot rectangle, they join together by coachbolts and dowels and all align together perfectly with no problems. They came quite quickly with the 21 days. The boards are actually made by an independent guy whose work is advertised by Scale Rail. He phoned me when they wwere ready to let me know he was dispatching them the next day.

Raj at Scale rail is a very helpful friendly guy, so I'd encourage you to either email or phone him up for details. I sent a plan of what I wanted to help things along, then I knew where joints would be (I want the layout in the loft BUT able to dismatle it if I ever move!) so I knew where not to plan points to be. He was so helpful I ended up getting all my DCC kit from him too!

The reason I got ready built baseboards is because: 1) They are infinitely higher quality than I ever managed to build in the past, 2) they arrived much quicker than I would ever be able to build them, 3) I can get right on with laying the track to my design.

They are not cheap, compared with buying the wood and DIY-ing it BUT the boards are all of a very nice quality, glued and screwed frames with 3"x1" frames, legs to your choice of height with chamfered edges AND everything has been test assemebled before delivery to ensure it all fits. The boards were clearly labelled with letters and the legs with numbers, all screws and fixings supplied.

When delivered the boards were screwed together into 2s and 3s and were padded out with fibreboard type stuff to protect from knocks.

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cheers mate very helpful will give them a go.


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I have sent you a copy of my simple, easy-to-build, lightweight baseboard system.

Building your own baseboards will not only save you a lot of money, but you can make them whatever shape and size you want.

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