Anyone here used ?

Just found a site with good prices on Saito engines. The only thing is
they're in Dubai and I've never heard of this outfit. Can anyone here
tell me if
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are a good firm to deal with in terms of
speedy delivery, goods as paid for etc ?
(Note - I'm not interested in generalities regarding buying from abroad,
only specifically in peoples experiences with this outfit. An
exception to this is I am interested in generalities as to a good place
to get a cheap Saito 180 :-).
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I just checked their price on the Saito's $454. We sell them for $399.95 and are located right here in the USA. If you send me an email saying that you read this on this here newsgroup, I'll even wave the shipping charges!
Brian Gaither Red's Hangar One
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Brian Gaither
I live in dubai. Hobby home is one of the 2 or 3 shops that cater to the RC community here.
But i wouldnt recommend international ordering. They wouldnt have the experience.
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Thanks, they must be reasonably reliable then ?
If everuyone said that then nothing would ever change :-)
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