am i allowed to advertise something for sale here

as topic but thought it would be rude not to ask first if not anyone know where a good place except fleabay

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Typical good manners requires only a few details.

Use a subject line containing the letters FS, for For Sale, or FA, for a link or notification of an auction. It tends to minimise the net-cop input, from whiners that think anything that involves money changing hands constitutes spam. (it does not)

Keep to the general interest of the newsgroup. No cell phone deals or other spurious crap. (that WOULD be spam)

It truly helps, if the price and location of the goods are actually included in the message. :-)

Try to avoid the urge to repost the same stuff several times a day. It rapidly becomes as annoying as spam.

In general, hang around and answer questions that may be posted regarding your goods, rather than simply dumping the post here and expecting the interested parties to email you. Chances are good that they won't. Unless, of course you wish to sell, say a mint Colchester

2500 with a pile of tooling and delivery included, for something less than the cost of a decent meal, in wich case I'd expect that you would get MANY emails. :-). Beside being a good practice, you could even learn a thing or two and enjoy the place, as it were.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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