HD's Husky Tool Warranty

Hi all,
Wondering if anyone here has any good or bad experience with HD's
'Husky' hand tool warranty.
Do you just show up with the broken tool and get a replacement on the
spot? Or do you have to jump through hoops like producing receipts,
mailing your broken's off, and/or whatever?
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I always just carried it in and replacement wa made on the spot.....pretty well hassle free as you could get....
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I was wondering the same thing as I plunked down $70 for a swivel gear set of wrenches. I figure if Home Depot allows people to buy tools, use and abuse them and then return them for full credit/cash back, they'll probably be pretty liberal with the warranty, although technically it only covers "defects in material and workmanship" or similar wording.
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I have to admit, I'm surprised by some of the things I see HD take back on return. The other day, a customer brought in a set of plastic landscape lights (the kind you often see alongside driveways). He had them in a heap of parts and pieces in a plastic garbage bag, along with the flattened/destroyed box that looked like it had been left in the rain for a week and then run over a few times by a car. His reason for returning them? "Plastic lights are cheap and they never last long. So I decided to buy and install expensive professional metal ones instead." As if he had no idea what he was getting when he bought the plastic set. Remarkably, the manager let him return the remains for a store credit.
I think it's great when a store takes back new items for any reason. Why not if it can be returned to inventory? And they certainly should credit the customer for defective items. But when customers abuse the return policy like this guy did, it's the rest of us that pay through higher product prices.
- Michael
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I have a 1/4" socket wrench that I bought from HD about three years ago. About a year later, it broke. (Not abused, actually hardly used--the top just popped off.) I've tried about half-a-dozen times to get it exchanged, but every time I take it in they don't have the wrench in stock (only packaged in a kit, not individually). The sales associates seem to be clueless about doing anything about it. Maybe if I had time to hunt up a manager, I'd get somewhere, but so far, the guarantee has been worthless for me!
OTOH, the two or three times that I've taken something in to Sears, they have seen me coming, anticipated why I was there, and were already reaching for the replacement. Now *that* has been painless! I know Craftsman quality takes some bad raps (maybe they know why I'm there because they have to do it so often?? :), but I do appreciate their service.
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Andrew H. Wakefield
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ There are two reasonable solutions, and I would ask them to choose one: 1.) Pull one out of a package, and deal with the replacement on their own time, or 2.) Give you a refund. If the sales associate is clueless, you SHOULD ask to see a manager.
I have been witness to a number of stressful situations in the customer service area, and the store usually ends up giving in.
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Leo Lichtman
A buddy of mine used to work for HD and he tells about the time the manager gave in and "took back" a car battery... even though they don't sell car batteries...
In general, there is a reason why someone is just a floor clerk and not a manager. While you might run into someone who is in line for a promotion and actually knows what he's doing, generally you need to talk to a manager for anything but the most routine things. And it goes without saying, you'll generally get farther faster by being friendly, courteous and reasonable. It is certainly reasonable to get a defective item replaced and if you approach the manager with the attitude that you're a happy customer and replacing it is the most routine thing in the world, he'll probably just take care of it just to keep you happy and coming back and buying things...
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Jerry Foster
I returned a defective 3/8" socket wrench to Sears, but they had changed the model to either a cheap POS or the fancy one with the round handle. I was given the cheap POS, which has given me nothing but frustration and bloody knuckles. One of these days I'll take it back and demand that it be replaced with something of similar or greater value than the original.
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Jon Danniken
I took a screwdriver back to HD last weekend because the flat blade was twisted around about 45 degrees. Since the handle was less then 1" in diameter and I had never put pliers or a wrench on the shank I thought the blade too soft and wanted a replacement. I was informed that they no longer sold this model screwdriver so there would be no replacement. I asked how they could replace Crapsman on a one for one basis when they didn't stock the item being turned in and was informed they no longer offered that marketing ploy. Basically their warantee is totally worthless. Price is right but plan on buying another if you ruin it. Leigh at Marmachine
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wrote: (clip) I was informed that they no longer sold this model screwdriver so there would be no replacement. (clip) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Manager: This is our way of recalling defective tools. Since they are no good, we discontinue them, and do not provide replacements. You are free to leave it, though, and go home with nothing. Have a good day.
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Leo Lichtman
More of your pompous, twisted moralizing?
A claim on a satisfaction guarantee is not stealing.
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Richard J Kinch
Interesting. Whenever I return a broken Craftsman tool if they don't have the exact same one I just go pick out a similar one, often times the more expensive model than I'm returning, before going to the counter and I have NEVER had even a question asked about it - they just do it. As for the rep saying they "no longer offer that marketing ploy" he obviously doesn't know his head from his ass - just go into any Sears store and look at the packaging on hand tools. It's printed right there for everyone to see. Take a look at their website - its printed all over that too:
"If any Craftsman hand tool ever fails to give complete satisfaction, return it for free repair or replacement. "
About 6 months ago I was checking out at a Sears store when a guy brought in a whole bag of screwdrivers - probably 25 or so. He said they had gotten wet and now smelled moldy. They replaced every one of them. They did call a department manager over to OK it but he did and the guy walked out with a bag full of new screwdrivers.
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I'm this thread's original poster, and was just curious if HD played games with their hand tool warranties... the replies suggest caution is indicated.
Thanks to all who replied! I'd still be interested in hearing of peoples HD Husky hand tool warranty experiences, both good and bad.
I've been returning arms full of commercially hard used, broken/worn out Craftsman stuff most every week since the early 70's, and also have rarely get any guff. Usually when I do, it's off a new guy, and speaking with a manager solves the issue PDQ.
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We were talking about people who "borrow" tools from HD or misuse them and get them replaced. The local HD is apparently using some of these borrowed returned tools for the display items. I'm not sure if displaying a Sawzall that has been dragged on a concrete floor is the way to sell, but I guess it's that or the discount bin. BTW, completely off this thread, HD rentals prices their used tools very competitively, definitely cheaper than Ebay in most cases.
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Erik asked about HD's tool warranty and to this I say: When the HD opened in the Twin Cities area they had A large selection of tools that rivalled Sears and all of the Husky brand was U.S. made as far as I could tell. They also had A large Lexan bin that had old Craftsman and Snap-On tools in it They had signs posted that they would take any Craftsman or Snap-On tool and replace it with a like kind Husky tool. This was A great deal for me as I had A number of Snap-On tools that I couldn't get replaced by Snap-On (abused they said) so I got them replaced at HD without any problem but in the last 4 years they not only scrapped the program but there tool selection has been cut in half and most of there Husky brand tools are of foreign manufacture. Oh well- back to Sears!!
Good Luck!
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Harold and Susan Vordos
I think that Stanley makes the Husky line, and many others. They have been agressively moving production offshore.
I've also noticed that HD's hand tool selection has taken a massive step backwards.
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John Horner

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