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Guys and Gals, please indulge me for a few moments with this request for
I'm a supporter of the Sea Cadet Corps, the UK's largest youth organisation.
I'm also the treasurer/secretary of a local Sea Cadet unit situated on the
River Tyne in the NE of England.
A large company called Capitol Shopping Centres owns The Metrocentre, the
largest shopping centre in Europe -
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They have decided to help the Sea Cadets in the NE of England by allowing us
to use their shopping centre as a venue for our fundraising on the 2nd/3rd
September 2006. All of the Sea Cadet units in the NE of England will be
attending this event, where we will be entertaining shoppers with our
displays of seamanship, boating, drill, band, first aid, etc, and hopefully
getting some of the general public involved with the easier activities.
As I stated, the purpose of the weekend is to raise money for all the Sea
Cadet units in the NE of England - every unit will get their fair share of
any and all monies raised. As well as the usual collecting tins situated
throughout the Metrocentre, we will be using the Metrocentre's charity
barrow for a prize draw raffle. It's the prize draw raffle that I'm asking
you for help with.
If you have an unopened model kit that you can live without, please consider
donating it to our worth cause - the more prizes we have for the raffle, the
more money we can raise. As we are an organisation based on the customs and
traditions of the Royal Navy, kits of a naval nature would be great. Our
local fire brigade have already donated £100 worth of prizes to start the
ball rolling. I'm also the secretary of a local branch of the Royal Naval
Association, and we will be giving prizes for the raffle too. I hope to
attract more donations within the 3 months prior to the event itself.
If you can help with my request you will be helping a great youth
organisation stay "afloat" (sorry for the pun) and help keep our facilities
open for those who wish to use them. All donations will be answered with a
"thank you" letter from the organising committee - it is the least we can do
for any help we get.
Any enquiries with regards to this plea should be directed towards me via
this email address : jarrowscc (at) blueyonder (dot) co (dot) uk (replace
the words in brackets with the usual characters required to make a legit
email address.)
I thank you for spending a few moments of you time reading this message.
Jimi Tubman
TS Raleigh
Jarrow Sea Cadets
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