air operated chuck - what's the advantage?

Hi, there's this Bridgeport mill offered on eBay (auction

180414939748). It boasts an "air operated chuck". What is that and how is it an advantage? I'm new to milling and found this auction that happens to be very close by. (All the mills seem to come from Ohio.) Any words of advice on what kind of buy this would be? Thanks. --zeb
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--Air operated chuck is damn handy if you're doing a batch of parts one at a time. I've got a job where *each* part in a batch has to be clamped

16 different times; that takes up a huge chunk of time, just opening and closing the vise. Air chuck is much faster. --OTOH if it's not a vise but a real 'chuck' it's maybe the pneumatic drawbar puller you see on some mills. That's another handy widget if you're needing to change toolbits constantly..
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