Alternative to Harbor Freight for 5x6 bandsaw

Just got a new MSC flyer and they have a 5x6" bandsaw that looks a lot
like the HF model that frequently goes on sale for $179 or so. They
show the list price as $269.95 and the sale price is $199 for part
number AM40051690. I haven't seen this (or the HF version) in person
but I would expect the quality to be a little better from MSC (yeah,
right :-)). Anyway, you can see it on their website,
formatting link
- just put in 40051690 as an MSC part #. Just wanted
to point this out for those who don't like dealing with HF.
Carl Ijames carl.ijames at
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Carl Ijames
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Given that the HF sale price is frequently $140, not that compelling for what is the same unit with different paint.
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Richard J Kinch
For the unoffical record, I have this saw (the red painted HF version) and have been very happy with it. It a nice little beast and cost me $149. It is, as noted below an alternately painted version of the "same" saw. It also works nicely as a poor-mans vertical bandsaw.
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Sean-Michael Adams
And that shipping is free at HF. I don't want to think about what MSC would charge to ship a bandsaw. Bob
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Bob Engelhardt

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