American made lathe chucks

In a possibly fruitless search for an adjustable, US made chuck, I've
found that a price list is not a common thing. Bison is looking better
and better. I am having suspicions that BTC is making Cushman chucks
(sure share the same model number).
Kalamazoo hasn't got back to me.
5", 3 jaw, micro adjustable, adapter for 1 3/4 by 8 tpi. Brass and Tool
has the Bison Set-Tru and a 1 3/4 x 8 tpi mounting plate....
5" chuck is roughly 11 pounds, a 6" is roughly 23 pounds...
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Louis Ohland
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Don Foreman
They stop at a 6" chuck. Wish they'd do a 5".
My G9972Z has a 5" 3 jaw with a 1HP motor.
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Louis Ohland
The 5" Set-Tru that Bob Cumings sold me has been fine. The centering screws aren't 90 degrees apart but it's still easy to adjust, though I have need to only a couple of times.
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Jim Wilkins
Damned good chucks
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Gunner Asch

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