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I recently got a good deal on a new old stock Bison 10" independent 4
jaw. Its the model with the FPJ logo instead of the actual Bison logo.
In my search to make sure I had actually gotten a chuck made by Bison I
ran across references to how fast you can spin a chuck. I'd never
really thought about it before.
The lathe I plan to use it on turns upto 2000 RPM. I have for short
periods spun the 10" import chucks that came with the machine at that
speed. Other than taking a little while to come up to speed I never
noticed any adverse issues. However! I'm certainly no expert on this
sort of thing.
How fast can I safely spin this big heavy Bison chuck? Is there a
reference where I can look it up? What about the cheaper 10" import 3
jaw that came with the lathe or for that matter the cheaper 10" 4 jaw
that came with it?
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Bob La Londe
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The few Bison chucks I have bought new have always come with a data sheet that covers the range of models and safe speeds so i would expect you to be able to look it up on their website.
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David Billington
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Best Regards Tom.
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Howard Beel
Great reference. Thank you. It seems to indicate a D1 style 10" independent 4 jaw will spin fine upto 2000 RPM as long as the work piece is round and centered.
In another spot in that reference it says this "?Never exceed maximum speed(RPM) of the chuck. The MAX RPM is stamped on the chuck face. Refer to the table on page 356 for recommended maximum speeds for self-centering chucks." Mine is not self centering, but it is stamped with:
* 4344-8/5 (I assumed this was a model or part number, but have not been able to verify) * 2589 (could be rpm stamp) * 90 (no clue)
Looks like its not likely to explode at the 2000 RPM max of the lathe its going to get used on.
As I scanned through that reference it seems most 10" Bisons are rated to 2000 RPM, a few are rated higher and a few are rated lower. Most lower being 1900, but atleast one was listed as low as 1500. Certainly its worth checking.
I ran across another reference which indicates 43** models in 10" are rated for 2450 with steel body and 1500 for cast iron body.
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Bob La Londe
I have a 8" Bison, ind. 4-jaw, that's stamped "4344-8/5". The bison catalog seems to say that all the number 4344 chucks have cast iron bodies. 4344 chucks are listed on Pg 74, and rpm data on pg 144.
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Most chucks will lose their grip on the work long before they're in danger of exploding.
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Ed Huntress

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