Annual Guthrie / Southwestern Iron Works Tailgate Swap Meet (Oklahoma)

Once again the time is coming for the Annual Swap Meet and Model Engine display. May 21 is the date at 8:00am till ..... Any questions may be directed to David King (405-348-0476) or Bob Paddack (405-634-8353 or

405-642-5243). Or email me and I will try to help.

Hobbiests, Machinists, Woodworkers and Blacksmiths,

Bring your surplus or extra equipment, tooling or supplies.

Buy, sell or trade....or just chat about the last year.

Respectfully, Ron Moore

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Ron Moore
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Good to hear from you. Hope you and the misses got your upstairs living quarters complete. Where is the swap meet being held at?


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Allowing for any unforseen problems, I will be there. Got any new goodies over at your place?

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For the geographically challenged. Where is Guthrie?

Errol Groff in New England

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Errol Groff

Just up the road a piece from Oklahoma City. In fact, Guthrie was the first state capitol before a bunch of fellas stole the state seal and drug it down to Oklahoma City. Annual 89ers' Day parade next weekend.

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