Anodizing question

I have a project which will consist of several alum. pcs. These will have a
brush type and a high polish finish on the same piece. There will also be some
welded details that will have a brush type finish. Question; If the pieces are
clear anodized, will I still have a high polish and will the weld affect the
look of the anodized finish? Would it be better to just spray some type of
clear coating (laquer?) like used to be done with brass to prevent fingerprints
and the like? Thanks for the help, Jim
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In my (limited) experience, parts will not be highly polished after anodizing. Also, the welded area wil be a different "color". Randy
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Randy Replogle
ther eis a bright dip processIIRC, which they use on auto trim, dunno whrer to find it
JCTLMKR wrote:
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There are hundreds of anodizing processes, there's probably one for decorative items that doesn't kill the polish. I had a reference book at one time for the various Alcoa-developed processes. The one we used would have killed any polish, it started with a dip in a hot caustic tank to remove any oxidation, this etched the surface, too. If your project is going to be handled or exposed to weather, you'd be better off with clear powder coating, if it can stand the heat, or look into an automotive clearcoat finish, they're pretty tough. Decorative anodizing is a fairly fragile finish. Your lacquer idea is good if it's going to be kept on a shelf inside and not handled.
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