Anodizing question?

I have some parts that I would normally chrome, but there is no way to
attach a hook for dipping in the chrome baths. Can anodized parts be tossed
in a tank or do they have to be individually hung on a rack?
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They hang.
But they got "clothespin" hangers that leave little if any visually noticable difference in the parts usually.
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They also have to make very good electrical connection or they won't anodize well.
Another possibility is to twist soft aluminum wire into a threaded hole on the part, so there are *no* visible areas without anodize.
Good Luck, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols
The parts to be anodized comprise the anode in the anode/(sulfuric acid)/cathode setup so they must be hung using an electrical conductor, typically aluminum or titanium wire/clips. No anodizing takes place at the point of contact between the part and the conductor so the least exposed or least conspicuous (especially if the part is to be dyed later) points are chosen.
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