Industrial salvage/surplus outfits in midwest US?

My request is pretty localized to a specific area of the US, but thought I'd give it a try.

I live in an industrially-impoverished area (Southwest Wisconsin), lacking the neat salvage/junk stores that make tinkerers feel like a kid in a candy store. You know, the place that has bins of ball bearings, DC motors, vacuum pumps, hardware, and other assorted doodads and whatchyamacallits (no imported liquidation crap).

The closest one to me I know of is Delaney's Salvage, south of Baraboo, WI on Highway 12, which I would recommend to anyone on this group. Another good example is Central Sales, in Duluth, MN (my home town) but I don't get up there anymore since my family is completely moved out and it's about a six hour drive.

Milwaukee, Chicago, and the Twin Cities MN area are all about a 4 hour drive from me and I know they have those type of goodie stores, but I'm hoping to find places closer--Winona, MN, Eau Claire WI, Madison, WI and Dubuque, IA are all within a more reasonable range for me. Anyone in that general area know of a good place?

Ken Grunke

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Ken Grunke
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