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I'm almost ready to fly my M'west AT-6. Saito F170 radial, Robar > retracts, JHM
> Aero Engineering on-board glow. I put a center wing flap in it, becaus > I've
> heard these planes are squirrely on landing. Suggestions on flying?
I just recieved a Midwest AT-6 kit. Just curious about how the flap
are working out. I assume it is a split flap
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I have this aircraft and constructed scale split flaps and she lands just like the real one.. I find it a trainer and I am not an ace RC pilot. Putting flaps on there is no nose up or down.. I reduce power on base and final its almost chopped. She settles in nicely. Many flights. She will land without flaps just as well but faster.
Putting flap in the center sounds scary to me.
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