Re: Just How Bad Does Mastercam Suck At Drilling?

There is a reason so many Mastercam users feel they have to shell out

> lots of dough just to do drilling! > > See: > >
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> Comments on Mastercam's FBM Drill as posted to the dying e-Mastercam > forum run by Outhouse Solutions: > > "The Chipmaker > > Does anyone know how to sort which way the holes get drilled in FBD? > It seems like it sorts them by hole depth. Is there away to get them > into one operation like solid drilling did? If I have 100 different > hole depths I end up with 100 operations in the operations manager. > Thanks in advance. [Band Head Against Wall] " > > "Doug Nemeth, CNC Software > > Currently, there is no way to combine ops that share the same diameter > but have different depths. But we understand the benefits of doing > this and we're looking into it now." > > "Stephen Saults from Valk Industries > > Not having the ability to combine ops that have the same diameter and > different depths is one of the reasons we are not using FBM Drill and > still use solid drill. For simple hole drilling with holes at several > different depths solid drill works great." > > "Doug Nemeth, CNC Software > > The main reason being not having full control over the sorting, > correct?" > > "Stephen Saults from Valk Industries > > The sorting and the amount of operations that is created. We do vacuum > form tooling that has up to 1500 holes that are the same size at many > different depths. > > Also Pro-E creates tapped holes with the tap drill hole size. FBM > Drill will not let me select a tap for that hole or a rollform tap > drill to use with a rollform tap"

How many users does Mastercam have, Jon? How many complaints have you found?

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Here's what you do... Go buy the online book VB for dummies. Then get microsoft sam to read it for you. Then write a script to do what you need to do. Here's the neat part.... If you can zoom in enough to have an actual complaint in detail, a script can be written to work around it. For example...

Jeesh, if you can't write a script to do that your one sad mofo. See, that's the difference between a programmer and a computer operator. Anybody can be taught to window in a bunch of holes...well...ALMOST anybody lol

The mastercam database is totally accessable, and actually real easy to extract data from, unless...your a computer operator, or a broken fadel operator/ same difference.

I suggest JB stfu and forgets about what happens in the programming room and concentrates on learning how to use his super doo whaa drill sharpener, considering his job is drilling holes in lamina and nothing else.

L (insert on forehead)

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