Just Curious, Anybody Know?

My brother-in-law just gave me a gunsafe, it has an S&G combo lock,
3 #'s to unlock, also has a change key with it. He said I should
probably change the combination just to be safe, I trust him but he
had never changed it since he bought the safe. So, I tried to change
the combo , finally did get it changed safely, and it's working fine.
However, I'm curious about something. The old combo was:
9-27-68. I cleared the old combo, put in: 10-21-66 and removed key.
The lock would unlock on those numbers but when I tried to relock it
would jam. The lock lever would go down ok, but when i tried to turn
the dial back it would jam. I finally gave up on those numbers and put
it another set , staying away from that range and it worked perfectly.
I really don't mind, but , like I said , I'm curious. Btw, the lock
says r6700 series, and it's splined on 50. Anybody know?
Thanks, Rick
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You were in the forbidden zone.
Always stay between 10 & 90 & you'll usually be safe.
Long explaination not suited for here, OK?
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Just re-read & saw you used a 10.
There are some circumstances where I'd never even use a 10. ie: worn wheels, bent fly, etc. Spline key in wrong.
Has the safe ever been serviced by a safeman? No? Have it done.
Without seeing the cluster, it's a hard call.
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What you're describing is called a "lock in". Some combos just simply don't work.
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Stormin Mormon
Forbidden zone for the 6700 = 0 - 20
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