I am looking for locksmith training in Raleigh-Durham area. None of the local community colleges seem to have a locksmithing program. Does anyone know of any good sources of training for a relative beginner?

Thanx Mike

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Mike Copeland
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little ways away... but not TOO far...



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area. None of the

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google group search key words (locksmith training)

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I did that already. I was inquiring if anyone had personal experience or recommendations. I am not too thrilled with mail order or internet training. I would like to find something close to home and was wondering if any of the pros knew of a reputable training source here in the Raleigh-Durham area.


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Mike Copeland

Have had the same problem in Ontario seems like this might be a hard line of work to get into. I've tried calling around my area about apprenticeships with no luck so far. Some of the correspondence schools have been really "sales" oriented and did not offer much in the way of information but DID want to know when I could send a payment (yeah ok).

I'll keep plugging away locally though as I do have a genuine interest in this much like yourself.

Good luck to you!

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