Precise Anodizing

I am looking for a source for some precise anodizing. In particular I am
needing to make some watch parts to restore a vintage watch bezel.
Anyone have an idea where I should start my search?
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Will Hammond
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What exactly do you need? I can do small parts, do you have a print. Precise anodizing do you mean you need an exact anodizing growth?
Thanks, Russ
Russ Wizinsky
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Russ Wizinsky - ProfessorWiz
Selective anodizing isn't hard to do. It just calls for paint or other materials that can produce the sharp detail that you desire. Anodizing only occurs where the aluminum is in contact with the solution used for anodizing and masking is easily done. I'll note that slow anodizing makes for better anodizing and will do the fine detail better.
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