Another good summer day

Former colleague Todd wanted a shoot today. Brian couldn't make it, neither could Laura, Mary almost did but wasn't feeling 100% this morning so it was just Todd 'n me for a gunsmoke luncheon. I had a couple of goodies he'd not yet seen or tried. It's been a while. One was the compact 9mm I got a while ago, the other was Mary's "graduation present" the sweet little Sig Sauer .380. He tried both of them, said Laura has *GOT* to see and try these. Laura has a compact .40 and she is very good with it but finds it too clunky to want to carry. I would too if I carried. The slim svelte lines were a major part of the appeal for me of my Carry9 and for Mary in her little Sig. Carry 9 really is the name given to this model by its maker Para-Ordnance. I'm tempted to name it "Sweet Carrynine" because it shoots so well, suck it up Neil Diamond. I've been amazed from the git-go at how accurately Sweet Carrynine shoots for me. A nine mil that small, very similar in size to a Walther PPK, should not shoot that well in my hands -- but it does. Today I was quite satisfied with the bullseye target I shot at 21 feet. The diameter of the black region is 4". (No binaries permitted on RCM so no photo, all rounds in the black.) This would be easy peasy with a medium-frame revolver but we're talkin' a small semiauto here. Then I noted that Todd was practicing one-handed rapid fire so I thought I'd give that a try. My results were the holes in the silhouette's head made at about 2 rounds per second. (RCM, there were three groups of touching holes, max center-to-center span of 8 rounds was 1.55")

I will admit to involuntarily and perhaps immodestly uttering "holy shit!" Todd said nothing but he has a very expressive face. That even got a "WOW" out of Fitch in PA who has already seen the photo by email and responded. Am I having fun, or whut? We then had lunch at a Mex joint near the Circle Pines range. That was also fun and the grub was surprisingly good. A huge plus was that nobody was trying to sing. Daughter Kelly and I visted there during an evening once when a couple of caballeros tried to provide musical entertainment. It would be unkind to say more about that. I spent this afternoon cleaning my guns, a pleasurable task that I rather enjoy. Doors wide open, fresh air breezes blowin' thru, nitro solvent and oil and blued gunmetal, joy. Then, about suppertime, Mary and I were amused by this little tableau: Neighbor Nikki came over this evening with little Wesley (about 18 months) to visit. Wes had heard the rattle of me sorting brass and somehow made it clear to mom that he wanted to go see what Don was doing. The kid likes me for some reason. Trav came over a bit later. We were standing around in the back yard talkin'. Trav had brought over a little something he very recently got for Nikki: a Springfield XD compact nine-mil pistol. (Nikki, an ICU nurse, has a permit to carry) I got a chuckle when I observed that wasn't this the picture of A Summer Evening in Midwest America: mama with her baby boy playing with neighbor nana Mary (that'd be 100% fire-qual McCann, yo!) who does her leprechaun magic with wee Wes while the guys admire momma's new nine millimeter semiautomatic pistol and talk about recipes: "yah, 4.3 grains of W231 (powder) oughtta work OK with 115 grain full-metal-jacket roundnose bullets. I've been using 6.8 grains of HS-6 myself, but since ya already have some W231 in your cupboard ..." We're the kind of neighbors that feel free to borrow a cup of gunpowder in a pinch in mid-America flyover country. I asked Trav if he had any 9mm brass. He said he didn't yet. He'll find some eventually, but meanwhile I invited him to share mine. I have lots of 9mm brass accquired mostly by accident and happenstance before the severe shortages that have followed the election. Ya can't buy good gentle kind neighbors, we're shot with luck both here and at the lake.

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