another source for parallel machine files (die filer)

I have had some luck in finding more information on files for use in small die filers. First of all, I have discovered that no US manufacturer makes them anymore. Andy Lofquist (he of MLA) recommends McMaster-Carr as a source for files, including a 1/4" square 00 file 8" long. McMaster no longer carries this file. I bought one before they stopped, and it was made by Nicholson. Nicholson still show parallel machine files in their catalog, but today I found out that on their price list they show all parallel files as discontinued. Simonds is the other US file manufacturer and they stopped making these years ago. I could only find 2 other companies anywhere who still actually manufacture these files. One is Swiss (or was told to me to be Swiss) and is said to be phasing out. The other is a plant in India owned by Warrensville File and Knife, a Norcross, Georgia company. They still make parallel machine files. They do not sell to the public, but another Georgia company (at the same address) does. They do not have a Web presence. Here is the source:

Tooling Enterprises

1780 Corporate Drive Norcross, GA 30093-2936 770-564-1385

They sent me a fax today which shows a picture of a small die filer which didn't come through legibly at all, but whose specifications exactly match those of my little Keller Model 256:

Stroke: 1-1/2" Srokes/min.: 350/450 Min. file size: 1/8" (without adaptor) Max. file size: 1/2x1/2" Table size: 10x10" Table tilt: 8 degrees in 4 directions

Here is their product line and pricing (in USD, August 2004): Cut Diamond Parallel Machine Files for Die Filer 00 PRICE 120G PRICE

------------------------------------------------------------------ Round 8" x 3/16" 70206 9.17 89250 38.50 Round 8" x 1/4" 70209 9.58 89251 40.25 Round 8" x 3/8" 70211 10.00 89252 42.00

------------------------------------------------------------------ Half Round 8" x 1/4" x 1/8" 70204 16.67 52086 70.00 Half Round 8" x 3/8" x 3/16" 70202 17.50 89249 73.50

------------------------------------------------------------------ Equalling 8" x 3/8" x 3/16" 70200 11.67 89248 49.90

------------------------------------------------------------------ Pillar 8" x 3/8" x 3/16" 70224 12.50 89256 51.67 Pillar 8" x 1/2" x 1/4" 70225 15.00 89257 55.00

------------------------------------------------------------------ Crochet 8" x 3/8" x 3/16" 70160 12.50 89247 52.50

------------------------------------------------------------------ Square 8" x 1/4" 70212 10.42 89246 43.75 Square 8" x 3/8" 70213 10.83 89245 45.50

------------------------------------------------------------------ Three Square 8" x 3/16" 70215 11.67 89244 49.00 Three Square 8" x 1/4" 70216 12.08 89243 50.75 Three Square 8" x 3/8" 70217 12.50 89242 52.50

------------------------------------------------------------------ Knife 8" x 1/2" x 1/8" 70218 15.00 40017 55.00

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Did you try these folks?

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Thanks for posting the other info.

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I know about them. That's why I mentioned *another* source. I don't see any way to order online from Federal - have you actually ever ordered one? I'm real curious where these files come from. No prices on their Web page either.


Mike Henry wrote:

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I haven't ordered any yet as my shop still doesn't have a functional die filer. One day I may build the MLA unless a great deal on a used, domestic, die filer shows up locally.

I also have a brochure from Oliver Adrian listing a number of parallel machine files. The letter is dated 2002 and prices ranged from $18 to $35 each depending on size and style, but they note that these are only available until existing stock is sold so they're probably all gone now..

They also sell (or sold, maybe) metal cutting saw blades that would presumably fit die filers at $-13 per dozen.


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