Any interest in a 12 X 36 Clausing Lathe?

There's no way I'm going through the hassle of crating and shipping
this thing as if it were an e-bay sale. If however there are folks who
consider the Okanagan Valley of South-Central British Columbia to be
within convenient driving range, and who want to come and get it...
I have a 1942 Clausing 12 X 36 lathe with tapering attachment, 3 & 4
jaw chucks and miscellaneous drills, end mills and micrometers, books
and oddments for sale. $1500 CDN. It's in good shape for its age. No
gearbox, you change your cutting and threading speeds with a wrench
the old-fashioned way.
If there's interest I can post pictures and more details.
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John Ings
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I know a guy who just might bite on this, John. Please go to the URL
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and thus get my email address and send me an email. Pictures would definitely help. He has a truck and $$$ and if he wanted it he'd just come get it, probably with me along to help.
Grant Erwin Kirkland, Washington
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Grant Erwin
Here are pictures.
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Oddments include one of Spehro Pefhany's Taculators; a set of lettered and numbered drills (cheap Chinese but complete); assorted double-ended end mills in small sizes; 9 small boring bars; 3 fly cutters; a steady rest; assorted HSS toolbits, 3 calipers; a coolant pump; a dial guage and magnetic holder; a dozen machinists books including a Machinery's Handbook.
There are other items around the shop that might catch your eye that can be negotiated for seperately
I'm just off highway 97, three miles north of the border.
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John Ings
Hey John,
Want to send me your phone number at ? My brother lives in Williams Lake, and I think he was interested in a lathe that size.
Take care.
Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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Brian Lawson
I am interested. Please give me your email or phone number.
I'm just down near Chilliwack. I replied yesterday, but didn't notice the no-spam address you have, and my note got returned.
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Bill Chernoff

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