anyone near Los Angeles have a heavy bead roller ?

I've finally decided that one way to make a "curl" in some sheet metal to
make hood hinges for my 36 cadillac is to use a bead roller - perhaps
someone in the general LA area has one with a good selection of dies and
could be interested in trying this? I want to use aprox .050 stainless to
make two 4 ft long sheet metal parts that get riveted to the hood panels -
the orignal was chrome plated soft steel, and it has cracked and stress
fatigued - I figured that by using stainless I wouldn't have to chrome plate
the end result.
if anyone has a suitable roller, or wants to sell one with some dies, please
let me know - either here, or by going to my web site and finding my email
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William Noble
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Hi Bill. My Dad has one in San Diego, and a spare 36 hood and fender set. He's out of town for a week tho.
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Stupendous Man

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