Nemo's car (Wave kit)

Nemo's Car from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Wave kit #TL-01-4800

1/24 scale

I just received a copy of the Nemo's Car kit from Hobbylink Japan and thought I would wite a quick review for someone who asked here.

The kit is of the baroque six-wheeled automobile used by Captain Nemo in the stinker movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Although completely anachronistic for the movie's 1890's timeframe, it has a sort of overblown beauty, and certainly looks like nothing else on wheels.

The first thing you notice is how big this thing is; the body is eleven inches long, bigger even than Monogram's '59 Cadillac. The kit has roughly 124 pieces. The body and most parts are molded in an ivory color, and the interior bits are molded in tan. There are two sprues of intricate chrome bits, which have apparently been overcoated in a dark-colored transparent paint to give them a dark platinum sheen. A clear sprue includes windows and a number of light lenses. Three metal axles and six rubber tires wrap up the parts count. Mold quality is good; I didn't notice any flash.

The model is a curbside, with a flat pan chassis with some simplified drivetrain and suspension engraving. The body, hood, and front fenders are molded in one piece; the rear fender/running boards are separate pieces. The interior is built up with separate side panels, nice-looking seats, separate door handles and window cranks, and a few tiny emblems. The dash is chromed and a small decal sheet of instruments is supplied. The body exterior trim, and there's a lot of it, in an ornate Indian/Hollywood baroque style, is separate chrome parts. The kit includes a removeable hardtop.

All in all, it looks like a fun, easy build.

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Lore Hilby
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Looked intriguing when I saw it on the net. I'm buying one if it shows up at the LHS. BTW, what was wrong with the movie? Haven't seen it yet. Cheers,

The Keeper (of too much crap!)

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