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Pics in the DB:
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wrench.txt and the accociated JPGs.
These pics show a turning tool for
removing the starter bolts on a
Mercruiser 5.0 V8 boat engine.
Due to the location of the starter 32"
below the engine bay deck and the
proximity of the engine bearing stringer
to the engine, there is no way to get
sufficient torque on a hand held wrench,
and no clearance to get a ratchet/socket
combination on the starter bolts. The pipe is 1"OD
X1/8" wall; 48" long. The bar is 1/4" HRS.
This tool slips underneath the starter,
engaging the starter bolts. It brings the
pivot point up out of the engine bay, where
a breaker bar can be attached to apply the
needed touque to remove these bolts.
Dweller in the cellar
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JR North
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Bob Engelhardt
What joy when a shop-made tool gits 'er done!
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Don Foreman
Cool, when do we go fishing?
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Tom Gardner
On Tue, 15 Jul 2008 19:34:01 -0700, with neither quill nor qualm, JR North quickly quoth:
Good show, but...
Sacre bleu! At least wirebrush 'em before show, JR. Tres gauche! Paint hides hinky welding somewhat, too. DAMHIKT
That reminds me of my old wrenchin' days, JR. I had to make tools to get in strange places. I ground down open- and box-end wrenches so they'd fit under Holley carb bowls. And I welded box-end wrenches to bent 1/4" rods to make Chebby distributor tools, etc. The boss' rosebud helped me bend a wrench for starter access, too.
Ah, those were the days. I have some '89 Bronco brakes to work on this morning. That reminds me of the adjusting wrench I cut down to work on Toyonka truck brakes. I still keep it in my truck toolbag.
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Larry Jaques
Thats seriously competent metalwork when you can make tools to do a oddball job - query - how did you get the starter OUT of the engine bay, looks like a distinct lack or exit room...
Andrew VK3BFA.
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Next Question (memories of my 1973 Anacapri): How did you hold the starter motor in the proper position with one hand, while starting one bolt with the other hand, while lying on your side, reaching down at an awkward angle, and dealing with sweat running into your eyes and having your glasses fall into the bilge?
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peter divergilio
I use my CNC plasma table all the time like that as well.
With a bender on a press, Stick and TIG welder, lathe and mill life in the tool section gets better and better. Sometimes it isn't a tool, but a custom bracket/brace/design.
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Martin H. Eastburn
More innovation, of course. A VW Rabbit factory car jack fits between the starter and the stringer, and when cranked, opens in a 'V' fashion and holds the starter in place for hands-free bolting. JR Dweller in the cellar
peter divergilio wrote:
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JR North
Its a sqeaker.... JR Dweller in the cellar wrote:
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JR North

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