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Using SWX '07 SP3. I can't seem to be able to add a new material to the DB. It's been so long, I guess I've forgotten how...if I ever knew. When trying to add a material to the part and opening the "Materials Editor", I pick one of the material DB's that exists already. "Remove Material" and "Create/Edit Material..." are grayed out. I then pick a material most like the new material under the sub category and the two buttons are available. Picking "Create..." opens a dialog box into which the information is typed; Material Classification, Material Name, the physical properties and so forth. Clicking "OK" does not add the classification or save the new information. I tried to open the .sldmat file by copying and renaming to .mdb so Access '03 would recognize it (got an invalid file structure for the effort) Searched the help file using "add materials" and found "adding materials dialog box" in location ddmp which refers to a wizard the I don't find anywhere. Could someone show me or tell me what i'm doing wrong? R. Wink

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Brian Putnam

If memory serves me correctly you have to make a copy of the SW material DB before you can add modify materials.


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