anyone need some parts from this little bodine motor before I take it to scrap yard

sunday it goes to the place of no-return - if you can use anything from this little motor, let me know (I'm saving the pulley) - it is cosmetically excellent, bearings, etc are good, but the start winding was burned out - I removed the winding figuring I'd rewind it (not too hard with these older motors) and then I realized that I had no use for the motor anyway -

here is a link to a completed ebay auction (it didn't sell) - so you can see a photo and get specs - at the time I listed it, I didn't know what was wrong - when it didn't sell, I had no qualms about pulling it apart.

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if you want anything, just let me know and I'll pull it off for you - the start switch is good, the end bells are nice, etc

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