Arco gas welder question

I have tripped over a Airco engine drive welder today, I picked it up for a
real good price (have no real use for it but I can't seem to walk away from
a good deal) the seller said it stopped welding and he just let it sit for
the past 2 years. I put some gas in it gave it a crank and the onan engine
fired up and ran great. It doesn't have any output welding, ac, or 115 dc.
the unit looks good inside and has not been out in the rain. the slip rings
look clean not sure about the brushes I will have to look tonight. The
engine runs with no load so the genset is not doing anything. Any ideas on
what is might be? Its a simple circuit compared to my Lincoln range 9.
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Blown fuse? Start at the output with a voltmeter and work your way back up ..
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Grant Erwin
Yup. And be very careful: you never know when you might encounter live voltage. While welder generators are designed for low-voltage/high-current, they can still be dangerous. I would recommend having someone stand by to kill the engine in case you get zapped.
- Michael
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I cleaned the 3 large resitors and it works great. One of the long resitors that has a ring clamper around it to adjust the resistance looked bad at one end so I mover tha contact the same distance from the other end and used that hlf. Not sure if this is a good thing but the welder worked ok for the few minutes I had to test it. the AC output is at 118 volts so thats good. This welder has the engine run at 1700 rpm for the AC output and at 3600 RPM for the welding output, so you can't weld while using AC, but thats not a big deal to me.
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Very cool..
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