Are there many treaters?

Last year I got about 50, and it was pretty even between boys and girls. By 7:15 tonight, 18 boys and 8 girls.

Maybe everyone's worried about the flu? Glad I didn't buy a lot of candy.

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Stormin Mormon
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(Uurpp) I'm glad I did.

We didn't have many, either. And the temperature was 75 degrees, so it wasn't the weather that held them back.

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Ed Huntress

Not a single one here, and the wife was all ready in her cloak, hat and besom, with her shoulder rat to help frighten the little sods off as well :-)

Don't know what made this year different.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

"Stormin Mormon" wrote in news:hcigfj $5pf$

The weather in the Boston area has been fantastic (high over 70 today), and the rain has held off. So far we've only had about 10, and it's getting late enough that we probably won't get many more. The weather bozos have been predicting rain for days, so that may have cut into things. A few years ago we had close to 30, but it's been falling off every year. Fortunately, I bought an assortment of goodies, all of which are types the family likes.

Doug White

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Doug White

Been here 21 years now, never had a single tricker treater. Just one of the benefits to rural living....


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Jon Anderson

63 total here, down from about 80 last year.
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Steve Walker

Bout 90 here by the look of the box of 100 goodies. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

It was much less busy here, too.

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We had (3)

Course the wife had the grandkids out and up at the rich end of town..which is what most everyone in this neighborhood does. Lots of retired and low income in the the pickings arent very good.

But its been that way here since the mid 80s


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Gunner Asch

Normal here and Waikiki was full since it's a weekend. People were still headed in when I came home at midnight. Karl

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We had zero (0). Such is life. Our visitors were the four legged type that scavenge what they can every night. The fuzzy black and white ones with hands that can open stuff - and the long teeth kind that snarl if interrupted.

A good coon dog would solve one and a handy pistol / rifle on the other...

Just no scary types to ring the bell.

Mart> Last year I got about 50, and it was pretty even between

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Martin H. Eastburn

About the same as last year here in the Sacramento valley, maybe 25-30

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Jim Stewart

I live two miles out of the village, outside of nieces and nephews in their youth, I don't get trick or treaters.


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