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HR 615

On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment, courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn which would require all Members of Congress and their staff members to enroll in any new government-run health plan.

Congressman John Fleming has proposed an amendment that would require Congressmen and Senators to take the same health care plan that they would force on us. (Under proposed legislation they are exempt.)

Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go to his Website and sign his petition. The process is very simple. I have done just that at:

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. Senator Coburn and Congressman Fleming are both physicians. Regardless of your political beliefs, it sure seems reasonable that Congress should have exactly the same medical coverage that they impose on the rest of us. Please urge as many people as you can to do the same!

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He also sent it to me, and to a bunch of others in the newsgroup via private e-mail (as visible in the "To: " header in the original.

I sent a complaint, and his system is protected by an anti-spam front-door which wants me to identify myself if I want to get his attention quickly.

Instead, it is now moving him to my *e-mail* killfile. I *hate* those front doors.

I killfile political discussions in the newsgroup, and I

*certainly* don't want any of it in private e-mail to get around killfiles in the newsgroup.

Enjoy, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

I thought that the big reason for not wanting a "public option" was that it would drive the private insurance companies out of business. It seems to me that this amendment would take 535 people off the roles of private companies and put them on the public plan, which is exactly counter to their cause.

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