Are we still doing "Tool Gloats"?

Most of my tool purchases are "Tool Goats" not gloats but I think I did well
this time. It was an "all or nothing" deal, no machines sold separately.
It was the entire shop of a machinist who ran a business in his garage
making boat auto-pilots. I am not sure when this fellow died but a friend
was handling the sale.
Two lathes, Bridgeport, two bandsaws, compressor, a ton of tooling for them,
etc., etc.
Some of the stuff is older but all in good shape and great quality. Did I
do really well? Perhaps? I was not looking to make a profit, I was in it
for the tools. I may sell some of my stuff and replace it with his. It
will be a major upgrade.
The real point of this posting to say I did lose out not meeting this man.
I passed within a few blocks of his shop 5 days a week for 20+ years. It
was easy to see looking at the HSS lathe bits he ground and the shop made
tools/jigs he was a skilled machinist. I am sure he forgot more about
machining than I will ever know. It is cool having his tools but I would
have liked some of his skill/knowledge. Just a thought I wanted to share.
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Cool. Find out his name, and be sure to put "Aquired from the Estate of SoandSo on this date, inside the boxes of each machine. And toast a cool one to his memory each time the job is done and you are relaxing afterwards
Gunner "The British attitude is to treat society like a game preserve where a certain percentage of the 'antelope' are expected to be eaten by the "lions". Christopher Morton
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Congratulations, but it's not a gloat unless you give us some idea of what you paid.
-- Larry Bailey Illegitimi non carborundum
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