ARTEC-Arc Welding Rods- Identification

29 September 2004 2:53 PM

I have several sealed packages of ARTEC welding rods given to me. I am having difficulty trying to google for specs and /or recommended usages. Here are the rod ID's: Artec C88 Artec Super Cast Artec 222 Artec 223 XC Artec Unicrom 265S Artec Stainfer 316L Fe and Eutectic Modultec 2250

Any help on the correct polarity /original intended use /applications in the home shop would be appreciated.


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Find an Arctec dealer and get a spec sheet or poster from them. Some of the rods are obvious, like the Super Cast (for cast iron) or the 316L (for stainless).

I have burned a pile of 223XC, pretty similar to 7018. A little higher tensile IIRC. I have a poster on the wall of the shop at work. If I remember, I'll check out the other Arctec rods.

FWIW you can try them on AC but you will likely have best results with DC . Got a DC welder?

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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