Carbon Arc brazing rods UK...

Hi there....

Does anybody have a source for these in the UK?

I know this is old technology [does anybody even make the rods anymore?], and oxy/act is the way to go for brazing old bicycle frames [recumbent making] but I am very restricted in terms of space and it's not possible or safe to store gas around the place. I'm thinking of getting a cheap arc welder and using a carbon arc torch as a means of brazing this kind of tubing.

Another question - would an auto-darkening helmet be any good for this? I know I need full protection, but just wondering how this kind of helmet would behave under these conditions.

Many thanks Garry

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They braze very badly, and temperature control is rubbish. I wouldn't use one for bike frames.

Try buying a cheap oxy-acetylene set from eBay. Apart from bottle rental (which is hard to avoid in the UK) then this can be a cheap route.

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Andy Dingley


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- never bought anything from them, just came across them when searching for welding rods!


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Alaric Snell-Pym

Thanks, although I couldn't find any rods specific for carbon arc brazing, only arc air gouging. I can appreciate it's not exactly a popular sport these days, and gas is obviously more preferable, but I'm just interested to try it out.

cheers Garry

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I still have one of these torches and used it to great effect (about 25 years ago). The air arc carbons wont work, the proper rods have a core that makes them burm slow. The air arc carbons just spit and splutter.

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