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Hello my name is Craig, I am a Craft Software programmer and I have recently developed a Craft Internet Networking program for download. It's a software application that allows Crafters and Hobbiest from over 80 different groups to advertise their work through jpeg image files and through text files. Your work will be able to be retrieved by others in a peer to peer format, which simply means images and descriptions of your advertised work will be sent directly to the other persons computer.

Keywords to websites can be shared among users which can help everyone bring traffic and business to everyone else. There are other elements to this application.

I am looking for individuals to help with testing the application. Anyone who would like to help test the application can look at the site

formatting link
but should contact me at tech A certain number of testers will be given free usage of the program or discounted usage fee if they so want.

Thank you I am not trying to be intrusive by posting this message, I am simply looking for a few people that can help and offer their intelligent advice or criticism.


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