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a locksmith version of the new Hickok NGS Can Unit and software thats necessary to program some 2004's and many

2005 fords. it will be available to locksmiths in june or july. it can be bought for around $565.00 thats better than the $2300.00 units thats available at this time. you can contact Hickok for supplier info.
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Free Product Info and Technical Support 1-800-342-5080

Hickok told me that the can unit and software card would have to be added to the NGS when its required and removed when its not. I am not 100% sure but the Ford dealership that updated my present software card (non-can software) for me said that the can unit will program all fords and not just the ones that are cans. they said that they have three NGS cans and they never remove the can or can software from the NGS testers.


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