Free Open Source Software - Robosapien Dance Machine released

I recently released (last night) a free open source program that allows
Robosapien robot owners to control their robot from their personal computer,
instead of using the included remote control. The name of the software is
Robosapien Dance Machine. It is a complete user-friendly GUI based software
program that acts as a powerful drag-and-drop based script editor for
Robosapien robots. The software is for Robosapien owners that want to make
comedy videos or performances, robot dances, or just have more fun with
their robot. It is a Windows application, but I will try to make a Linux
version in the future.
Currently the software requires one of John Rees's USB UIRT infrared
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, which allows your PC to control the
Robosapien instead of the standard remote control. However you can still
install and run the software without one. I am rapidly looking to support
other infrared devices. If you know of a cheap ready to order infrared
transceiver or transmitter (IR learning capabilities not needed), please let
me know; use the email link on the SourceForge project page.
The software is being hosted by, you can find the source
code and a standard Windows installation program for the binary application
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If you would like to get detailed information on the program or see some
screenshots, I have put a copy of the HTML documentation online here:
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Click on the link that says "help documentation". Finally, I have created a
brand new forum for users of the software here:
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Developers who want to join the coding project should use the SourceForge
forums on the project page.
If you would like to see a video I made with the software, you can see The
Chrome and Dome show here (warning, the video is very silly!):
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Robert Oschler
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Robert Oschler
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