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While researching PDM/PLM software I came across a company called Aras
that has PLM software that is compatible with Solidworks. The
interesting thing about this software is that it is open source and
free to download and comes with complete documentation. Although the
company makes their money from training and consulting they say that
many companies have installed the software and are using it in
production without ever using their resources. I was wondering if
anyone has heard of this company and what are your experience with it.
The companies website is
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I looked at their website. I am not sure if their meaning of open source is the same as mine. There is some mention of an Open Source project by Microsoft. The files that you download are msi install files. The licensing is similar to any other commercial project. The source code is not open as far as I can see. Maybe it is buried somewhere.
Also requires a full complement of Microsoft server and SQL server products to run.
install and use Aras Innovator, the most advanced Microsoft-based enterprise software solutions available.
The demos for SW appear to be well thought out, though not very complete in showing how it works and what it can do.
I could not find them in SW partners list. Evidently the SW interface is written by a third party though I could be wrong.
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