Atlas milling attachment on a Logan?

I just acquired a like-new Atlas milling attachment, complete with 2MT
mill holder and a bunch of adapters..
I intend to see if it will mount on my 9B Logan. Has anyone here
tried this?
The Atlas is made to fit over a male dovetail, 1.5" in diameter. That
dovetail sits proud of the crossfeed top surface. Looks like my Logan
may have the dovetail on the bottom of the compound, fitting into a
recess in the crossfeed. Is that correct?
If so, I would think a double-dovetail adapter bobbin (!) could be
I'm at work, milling adapter is home, and shop is 30 miles from
either. I'm just trying to think this through ahead of time. Any
thoughts or experiences welcome.
If it won't work without modifying the adapter, I'll just ebay it.
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Rex Burkheimer
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I haven't done this, Rex, but it sounds like it's designed so you remove the compound entirely and mount it on the cross-slide, which is how it ought to be. It sounds like a double circular dovetail might be just the ticket! Good thing you have a lathe .. :-)
Rex B wrote:
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Grant Erwin
Be careful you don't lose the jamming pins!
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