Auction stuff - what is it?

I got a bunch of stuff in an auction yesterday - mostly what looks like
parts for a miniature lathe. However, some of the items are a bit of a
puzzle. Here are the pictures:
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The descriptions are with the photos.
If anyone can help with ideas or explanations I shall be grateful.
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Michael Koblic
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I see a slotting horizontal mill cutter, a drill press spindle with pulley, drills obviously, electric terminal 20a, and a very interesting chuck.
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the last photo is of a quick change tool post and tool holders that look as though they are setup with borers for model engine making.
the tool holder to the lower right with the odd tool in it is a spherical ball turning attachment.
the big thing that looks like a drill head looks to me to be a saddle mount drill for faceplate work. set the job on the face plate with the p.c.d. centred and then rotate each hole into position for an accurately placed hole.
the big thing with the numbered tag on it is a face/end mill.
not a bad buy for $20.
Stealth Pilot
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Stealth Pilot
And the "big" thing looks to me like a milling spindle. This sort of thing is common as an add-on for small horizontal mills. Looks like the handles are the quill feed and the quill lock.
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Brian Lawson
That last photo is indeed a quick change tool holder for an Emco Compact lathe, possible the model 5 range. The tool holder part is identical to the one I removed from my Compact 5PC because I could not find tool holders under 150-bucks each. I bought Phase II with 5 holders for 80-bucks.
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Dave, I can't do that
Hi Don, yup that's the real Emco deal just as you described it and that's what I removed from my lathe. The Emco tool holders to fit are $150 each. I think I got the Phase II for around 90-bucks including 5 tool holders.
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Dave, I can't do that
Looks like a collection of tooling separated from it's maker. :-)
The cross slide looks to be set up for mounting the same tool holders as the toolpost. Looking at the way that all the tooling would be situated on the holders (as per the carbide insert shown installed) the slide may well be meant to mount on edge from the position shown. It would serve as a pretty handy, adjustable tool post for repetetive work, or second operatios type work.
What are the dimensions of the toopost block? Does it look like a commercial product? Is it solid on the other end? I see 21 tool holders. Wow! If you can use them, in any case.
Does the fixed steady rest match the height of the "lathe headstock"? It looks smaller.It looks similar to the ones used on a Webster Whitcombe pattern watchmakers lathe. They were typically about 50mm center height. This one appears to be able to be fixes by the holes at either end of the base, as well as by the pin down through the bed of a watchmakers lathe.
The stuff looks like it was made by someone that had a surface grinder, and was pretty fond of using it. I wonder whether the stuff was hardened when it was made?
The "headstock" looks like it was made to serve as a clockmakers lathe, or for instrument work. Does it have a taper inside? Do the spindles shown in the second picture fit in the headstock?
All in all a pretty good snag for a $20 crapshoot, I must say. If you cannot use the small tool post and holders, it should be worth a fair bit more than that!
Know anything about where it all came from?
Cheers Trevor Jones
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Trevor Jones

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