bench belt and disc sander

I am going to buy one of these. I think I saw Delta at Lowe's or HD.

Anyone have one of these, and do I need to spend some bucks for a good one, or is a HF unit as good?

I need a two inch wide belt that runs vertical.


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Steve B
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Steve: I went through this decision process about a year ago. I looked at every midlevel belt sander readily available at the normal commercial outlets. Lowes, HD, Grainger etc. A friend of mine had a Delta. In my opinion, they were underpowered and not built as well as I thought they should be for the money. I had been looking for a 2"x72" belt sander. Even considered building one myself. After some search work on this forum and others, I discovered the Coote Belt Grinder. The price ($350 plus motor) was a little out of the range of my budget, but I decided to buy it. I put a 1hp motor with step pulleys on it and I couldn't be happier with the quality and performance. You can also add a disc attachment if you need the disc sanding capapbility. I do not. As my father used to say: "Buy the best its cheaper". There is also someone on this forum who keeps reminding us that: "Buy quality and cry only once". I think that's good advice.


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And dont forget BurrKing.....


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