Best Epoxy for build-up/repair?

got a worn shaft & its coupling bushing that needs a slight build -up & re-machine. JB weld? or ? There's allot of choices now days.

Its a hydrostatic trans coupling shaft end. The bushing had loosened up & wore the last 1/2"-3/4" of shaft & the ID of its bushing, on my

30yr old Ramsomes Bobcat (when they were still yellow) mower- I really do not want to take apart the hydrostatic trans to weld & re-machine it properly. So its shoe string time. It has a woodruff key that still makes contact with the steel shaft with a setscrew pushing on it from the bushing. Another setscrew at 90deg that I'll clear out the epoxy, so it makes contact with the steel shaft. Should hold for cutting my grass another 15yrs. I've seen machine re-builders use an epoxy called "turkite"? on worn dovetail ways, this is kinda the same thing.
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This is magic!

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Tom Gardner

Yes, it is. But no, not by itself.

Mix 50:50 with iron filings? Maybe.

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Look at this:

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(might need to cut and paste) the link is for devcon steel filled epoxy just the ticket for your application.

Roger Shoaf

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RS at work

Google Shortener is your friend, Roger.

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I click on the little G next to the url and it shortens it, puts it in my clipboard, and I paste it into Agent. Slick, free. Just Do It!

-- An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last. -- Sir Winston Churchill

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Larry Jaques

Sounds good, but I don't see a little "G". Do I have to set an option? Bob

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Bob Engelhardt

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