Birmingham Lathes anyone?

I would like any comments on Birmingham lathes. Either the 12x36 or the 13X40.
Bob AZ
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Wished I was able to put my eyeballs on a B'ham lathe when I was looking for a lathe a few years back..coud have gotten a lathe that was jusr as gopod as the JET and saved a lot of $$ in the process. At that time I was not familiar with them, and for the most part not too many others seemed to have seen em either, as feedback on them was almost non-existent, but from what my JET looks like and the B'ham, I would have no problems buying B'ham over a JET. As to folks saying you get a better quality machine if you buy JET over Grizzley, Grizzley over B'ham, B'ham over HF etc etc, BULLSHIT! One is not any better or made with closer tolerances than the other is IMHO.....its pot luck with any of the import crap out there........some is super, some is boat anchor material...Best to put your eyeballs on the exact machine your wanting to buy than going into it blind..........with any of the imports.
I know a lot of folks now with B'ham, and they are alll satisfied. One fellow even has B'ham mills and lathes in a fairly new machine shop used daily turning out a living, and they have been working just fine. I'd certainly take a chance with one. More bang for the buck than the other major import players IMHO.
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Huey Conway
I have a Birmingham 12 x 36 in Tempe, AZ if you want to take a close look at one.
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Bart D. Hull

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